Dr. Joey Tadie

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Joey Tadie

Dr. Joey Tadie is a talented psychologist with a gift for connecting with people and helping them to transform their lives. It’s like he can see who you could be, and helps you get in touch with that part of you and grow into it.

Dr. Tadie has a genuine spirit and a deep and abiding faith in our capacity to grow and heal.

He utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, skill building, insight-oriented talk therapy, and Neurofeedback to help you move past your challenges and get back to living your life to the fullest.

His disarming nature is well-balanced by his scholarly side; he is a passionate student of research, theory, and technique with several publications to his name. People love how he is both down to earth and deeply knowledgable about what works to help you get unstuck and create a meaningful life.

Hear What People are Saying about Dr. Joey Tadie

I often hear from clients that they feel a contagious energy from Joey.  Joey excels at creating a comfortable, relatable environment where people feel they can express themselves openly.  I often hear that Joey is like one of your closest buddies but with the unique ability to never judge you, share your secrets, or lie to you.   His clients feel like he experiences changes and events WITH them and has great ideas on how to deal with things that you just cannot get from a friend.  He is there to support you but also to ASSIST you in growing, changing and coping as the need arises.  Joey’s relaxed style and contagious love of life and spirit combine with respect and knowledge to help his clients find their own paths and the confidence to travel them. 

The clients I place with Joey often call me back later to say things like “Man, I feel like I have always known him!” or “It’s like he just gets me.”  In psychological assessment he excels at creating a comfortable environment in which to get down to the work and leave the nerves behind.  His assessment clients love how much they learn about themselves in the assessment and the mix of fun energy and knowledgeable dedication to task he brings into the work.

~ Milissa Peifer, CNT, Practice Manager

I love how Dr. Tadie takes the time to really get to know an assessment client as a complex person and explains all the assessment findings in clear, easy to understand language. Instead of throwing a bunch of confusing psych words at you and handing you a huge jargon-filled report, Joey translates all of that stuff into everyday language.  He writes in language that makes sense and crafts personalized recommendations just for you.

~ Dr. Erin Jacklin, Owner

Joey holds everyone in high regard and uses his personality and energy to affect positive change in his clients. His clients feel a genuineness from him that is refreshing.

~Kendra Doukas, MS, LMFT

Joey is warm and welcoming to everyone. He can explain his ideas in a way that is easily understandable, and can also help you to feel comfortable and accepted.  He cares so much for his clients, friends, and loved ones. He brings this ability to show love, concern, respect, gratitude, and appreciation for the work he does with his clients to every interaction and every conversation.

~ Dr. Courtney Klein

Joey is an incredible member of our team. His enthusiasm for his work and for life in general is contagious. He is passionate, positive, thoughtful, and full of energy. Over the years I’ve learned that beneath his upbeat exterior, Joey is a deep thinker and has a depth of knowledge about mental health that is incredibly helpful to his colleagues and his clients. I have worked closely with him on several collaborative assessments and have been impressed with his ability to see people in a complex, respectful manner and his dedication to providing the highest quality experience to his clients.

~ Dr. Erin Jacklin

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