Anxiety, Worry and PanicAnxiety, Worry and Panic

Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to make important decisions in your life?
Do you find your mind spinning with irrational worries?
Are you struggling in or avoiding social situations because of fear?
Do you experience panic attacks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may benefit from treatment with one of our anxiety, worry and panic specialists. At the Catalyst Center, we can help you to overcome this struggle and to truly live the life you want.


Anxiety is often described as a tense, worried, or overwhelming feeling. Anxiety can be focused on something specific such as social situations or starting a new job. Anxiety isn’t always specific and when it is generalized it may feel like almost everything in life is scary and difficult. Anxiety is something that can negatively impact sleep and often impacts people physically through muscle pain, headaches, stomachaches, or other ailments.

At the Catalyst Center our anxiety specialists treat both the emotional and physical sides of anxiety. In therapy, our gifted specialists often utilize relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness exercises that emphasize the mind/body connection to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Emotional processing interventions can also be helpful in understanding the reasons why certain things feel so triggering of your anxiety. Other techniques used to address anxiety include exposure to the things that a person is anxious about, and EMDR.


Many people struggle with worry that is distressing, but not quite as overwhelming as “anxiety.” If you want help managing your worry you may receive great benefit from seeking out therapy with one of our specialists listed below. Sometimes people need a caring, unbiased person to help sort out what is most important in life. Many of the same strategies that help to heal anxiety are also very helpful when treating worry. In our treatment of worry our clients often benefit from a more in depth emotional exploration of their struggle.


Some people who struggle with anxiety or worry also experience episodes of panic. A panic attack can be a very scary and overwhelming experience. During a panic attack some people experience symptoms such as elevated heart rate, hyperventilation, sweating, and terrifying thoughts. Some even worry that they are having a heart attack or dying when experiencing intense panic even though this is not true.