Collaborative Therapeutic Psychological Assessment

At The Catalyst Center, we practice Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment which is an approach to assessment that seeks to maximize the therapeutic impact of assessment. We use data and our clinical knowledge to gain a deep complex understanding of you. This knowledge becomes the foundation of creating real and lasting change in your life. This approach has been shown in research to create positive therapeutic change in the clients who participate. 

Family Assessment

Especially when children are involved, we find understanding how the whole family works together (identifying each person's individual style and how they all interact) allows us to better help the child and the parents and often opens up new ways of understanding that we might have missed were we only looking at the child in isolation.

Many parents seek us out for family assessment when they feel like nothing they have tried is working. We take the time to intensively understand every person in your family and work with the whole family to make important changes that can help you move back into better connected peaceful relationship with each other.

Pre-Adoption Assessment

At The Catalyst Center we provide pre-adoption psychological assessments for families adopting internationally and domestically. We tailor our assessments to meet the specific requirements of each country with which we work, and work with your adoption agency to ensure we fulfill all requirements. Generally speaking the question we seek to answer in the assessment is “Are these parents ready to adopt, and if not what additional support do they need to become ready to adopt?”


Our pre-adoption evaluations are more than just another hoop to jump through. Instead, we use the assessment process as a therapeutic opportunity for our adoptive parents to learn more about themselves and their relationship and gain the confidence and skills needed to take on the wonderful, life-altering challenge of adoption. Part of this therapeutic approach to assessment means that we invite all of our parents to ask their own unique questions about themselves and their relationship for us to consider along with the general adoption-readiness question. The answers to these personal questions are just for you, and are not included in the formal report we prepare for the adoption unless you request it.

Couple's Assessment

Couples Assessment is an intensive, brief treatment approach based on the principles of collaborative/therapeutic assessment. Sometimes looking at the whole system is more effective than focusing on only one of its parts. This philosophy is underlying modern approaches to couples therapy. Likewise, it often makes sense to assess what is going on in a couple rather than look at one person in isolation.

Adult Assessment

Psychological Assessment can be a powerful tool for personal growth.  We use assessment as an opportunity for brief, intensive treatment geared towards answering your questions and planning your next steps towards living the life you desire.

A collaborative therapeutic assessment can also be very helpful as an adjunct to therapy.  Part of why assessment is so important is that many mental health conditions have a lot in common and are very hard to differentiate. We want to tailor your treatment to your specific strengths and challenges, and a well-done assessment can help speed up the process of getting better by providing a detailed road map.  Assessment can provide answers to questions that are getting in the way of your therapy and help you and your therapist jump into the work with a detailed, hand crafted plan for how to tailor therapy to your individual personality.

Children's Assessment

Sometimes a child is struggling at home, at school, or with friendships and we aren't sure why. It isn't uncommon for people who don't know better to pin labels on a kid who is struggling such as "lazy" or "ADD" or "undisciplined." In our extensive experience, when a child is struggling, there is always a reason why. Understanding that "why" is the key to discovering how to help your child find his or her path towards a healthy and successful life.

A well-done assessment will give you a clear and accurate picture of your child's strengths and challenges emotionally, socially, and academically. This information can demystify why they are struggling even when you try everything you can think of to help.  With the assessment results, we are able to tailor a detailed plan just for your child with concrete suggestions and recommendations to help you get unstuck as a parent, and help your child get on a happy and successful path.

Meet Our Assessment Team

Dr. Joey Tadie is a licensed psychologist with specialized training in psychological assessment, many years of clinical experience and strong assessment skills. He is adept at moving beyond just a diagnosis and understanding you as a whole, complex, individual. He digs into the causes of and solutions to the challenges you are facing. He is adept at using comprehensive psychological evaluation to understand the "why" behind your challenges, and to use that understanding to chart a path forward specifically tailored to help.

Dr. Lies vanBekkum excels at looking beyond the difficult symptoms on the surface of people who are struggling and into the heart of the matter, determining what is really driving the problems you are facing so that we can discover how to shift it. She understands the complexity of families and helps you to understand how your family dynamics are impacting you and discover ways to help shift problematic patterns.

Dr. Jacklin provides consultation on all assessments provided by The Catalyst Center and supervises the postdoctoral and advanced graduate student assessment programs. She is a former elementary school teacher turned psychologist who understands emotional conditions, ADHD, and learning disabilities from both inside and outside the classroom. She has taught and supervised assessment at the graduate level. Dr. Jacklin is passionate about accurately identifying and treating emotional, learning, and attentional conditions, using assessment as a tool to improve outcomes for people of all ages.

EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

EMDR can help you to resolve painful memories from the past; after these memories are resolved you get to feel calm and safe again and no longer "stirred up" when reminded of difficulties in your past.  EMDR can also help you reduce stress, increase confidence, and feel more positively about yourself and your future.

Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidence-based practice that has been shown through over 25 years of research to effectively decrease or eliminate the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, and Depression.

Research has show that EMDR can be a rapid and effective treatment.

EMDR was originally developed to treat the effects of trauma. It is also commonly reported to be helpful with:
Achieving Peak Performance in Sports, Public Speaking, and Academics
Improving Self-Esteem and Reducing Stress
Decreasing Performance Anxiety
Reducing Panic
Letting go of Negative Beliefs about Yourself, the World, and Others
Reducing or Resolving Emotional Issues Related to Painful Memories. Stress, Mood, or Anxiety

A bibliography of the extensive 25+ years of research about the benefits of EMDR can be found at the EMDR International Association's website:


Neurofeedback Brain Training

Join the millions of Neurofeedback users who enjoy the benefits of reduced stress,
improved sleep, and relief from symptoms that used to hold them back.

Neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, drug-free, brain training system that helps the central nervous system (CNS) make the best use of your brain’s natural resources and help you achieve a calmer, more well-balanced state of being. It has no known side effects. We have found Neurofeedback to be very helpful as an adjunct to talk therapy, or on its own.

Coaching Group for Dads

Babies don’t come with a user guide. We can help.

Join Our Coaching Group for Dads
Empowering fathers to be the best they can be
Take your Dad Game to the next level
Learn ways to reduce stress, optimize your parenting, and get connected with dads who get it. Groups are led by Dr. Joey Tadie and Dr. Lies van Bekkum and are open to expectant, new and veteran fathers looking for a boost.

Therapy Group for New and Expectant Moms

The process of becoming a parent is a monumental life transition. This time of life is often filled with many strong emotions from joy and excitement to fear, regret and even disappointment. Joining a professionally lead therapy group just for new moms like you can ease the transition.

Bring your baby with you and get professional help you catch and treat early signs of Postpartum Depression, Anxiety or Birth Trauma. This group helps new mothers to strengthen their bonds with their babies, ensuring that you can build a secure attachment with your child, even if you are struggling with some difficult emotions as a new mom. We also help you to manage challenges with feeding, sleep, fussiness, colic, the transition into parenthood, and many other topics important to our group members. 

Individual Therapy

At The Catalyst Center we know great therapy is not "one-size-fits-all." That is why we have chosen to specialize in the areas where we really excel. When you choose a therapist at The Catalyst Center you can rest assured that you are working with someone who has just the right expertise to meet your unique needs.

High-quality collaborative individual therapy is our passion. We know the genuine connection between client and therapist is a powerful catalyst for change. We believe therapy can be a powerful tool for reaching your personal goals and understanding yourself more fully.

Sleep Support

The monthly sleep group provided by The Family Room is an informal setting where you are able to share and get some helpful tips on how to improve your current sleep situation. Join Patience Bleskan, a parenting coach and consultant, at this monthly group to get answers, information and camaraderie. This is the place you can be honest about how sleep is going, hear the truth about others' experiences, and get insight on how to get the sleep you want.

Currently sleep group is for families with children of any age birth - 2 years.

The group is open to every sleep style and sleep need. Every individual and every family has its own needs and goals when it comes to sleep. Often our ideas and goals around sleep change after we give birth and are caring for our newborns and infants. What ever you are feeling, you can find support here. The support my come from the other mothers who are there sharing their stories, or the support my come from a piece of information Patience shares.

The families who come to group determine the topics covered based on their situations. Come join the conversation!