Promoting Emotional Health During and After Pregnancy

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Emotional Well-being During and Following Pregnancy

Dr. Lies Van Bekkum and Dr. Joey Tadie are two therapists at the Catalyst Center who specialize in parenting and postpartum heath. They recently participated in a webinar for Denver Natural Mom discussing emotional and mental health during and following pregnancy. Personal well-being is desirable at every stage of life, but critical during transitional periods such as shifting into the role of “parents.” There are many factors to maintaining health during pregnancy as well as after baby arrives, and it is helpful to hear guidance from experts in the field. Watch the video below for important and beneficial information:


Joey Tadie

Dr. Joey Tadie is a talented psychologist with a gift for connecting with people and helping them to transform their lives. It's like he can see who you could be, and helps you get in touch with that part of you and grow into it. Dr. Tadie has a genuine spirit and a deep and abiding faith in our capacity to grow and heal. An expert in psychological assessment, Dr. Tadie is an integral part of the assessment team at The Catalyst Center. He works from the perspective the assessment can and should be used as a way to create meaningful change in your life. Using the principles of Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment he analyzes the assessment data to discover what has been getting in the way of living the life you desire, and works collaboratively with you using his extensive expertise to create a road map of how to get there from here. Dr. Tadie utilizes his extensive training and experience as a psychologist to help you move past your challenges and live your life to the fullest. His disarming nature is well-balanced by his scholarly side; he is a passionate student of research, theory, and technique with several publications to his name. People love how he is both down to earth and deeply knowledgable about what works to help you create a your best life.