Dr. Erin Jacklin

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Erin Jacklin

Dr. Erin Jacklin is the owner and clinical director of The Catalyst Center. She hand-picked each therapist and staff member and is deeply involved in making sure every Catalyst client receives the highest level of care and has access to the most advanced treatment options including Neurofeedback, EMDR, Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment, Treating Complex Children, and the Treatment and Prevention of Pregnancy and Postpartum Issues.

Dr. Jacklin is not currently taking on new clients. She is highly involved in every aspect of each Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment conducted at The Catalyst Center. She provides ongoing supervision, consultation, and clinical support to each of the Therapists and Neurofeedback Trainers. Dr. Jacklin also oversees the Catalyst Neurofeedback program, and our educational outreach projects.

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