More about assessment


Psychological testing can be a tremendous tool to help bring clarity to a wide variety of clinical, educational, and medical situations. Many people are aware that psychological testing exists, but few understand how it works or how it can help in their own situations. To further complicate matters, there are a number of approaches to testing, each with their own merits. Simply put, testing is like looking at a situation through a new and more detailed lens. Perhaps you or your child are having trouble focusing at work or school. Maybe you or your therapist want to better understand your strengths as well as areas for growth. Or maybe you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships and want to understand more about what you can do about this. Testing can offer insights, details, and solutions that are not possible to discern other ways. The information you can learn through testing can even help your doctor ensure you are prescribed the appropriate medication for your mental wellbeing. You wouldn’t arbitrarily take antibiotics for strep unless your doctor performed a strep test first. Psychological assessment can be thought of in a similar way. But how can you determine what type of testing is right for you?


Our practice has adopted a model known as “therapeutic assessment” which has a number of advantages and applications over other types of assessment. Therapeutic assessment involves carefully customizing testing batteries to comprehensively evaluate a range of cognitive, diagnostic, and personality areas. We then discuss test findings with you in an approachable and easy-to-understand manner while providing an extensive list of specific, concrete, and accessible recommendations that directly address questions you or your clinician might have. This approach is often more thorough, and thus can offer a more complete picture of the situation you or your loved ones are encountering. One of the other unique advantages is that this model can be applied when assessing individuals, couples, or even entire families. We specialize in all three of these areas and have multiple, highly trained clinicians who can form an assessment team to work with you on answering the questions you might have about yourself, partner, or family as a whole. We work with you in a collaborative fashion while educating you along the way about what your options are to treat a condition you might have, or recognize how you can achieve your goals at work, school, or in you personal life.


One of the primary goals of therapeutic assessment is to both inform and empower. It is crucial to have a roadmap (or GPS) that can guide you toward a desired destination, and therapeutic assessment can help serve this function In your situation. Moreover, we can not only help create this roadmap, but we are one of the only practices in Denver to also offer a diverse range of treatment opportunities for individuals, couples, or families to address the recommendations from your assessment. These can include various forms of talk therapy, EMDR, and one of our most exclusive treatment tools called Neurofeedback which can help treat conditions ranging from ADHD to anxiety and depressive diagnoses. We can also connect you with quality resources or providers in the community to help you get the customized services you want and need. We are happy to offer a complimentary consultation to help you decide how psychological testing can benefit you or your loved ones. Let us help you see through a new lens that can offer you unparalleled insight into your life and your world.