Mind-Body Connection during Pregnancy

Expert Panel Discusses Mind-Body Connection and Pregnancy

Kendra Doukas, LMFT is one of the Catalyst Center’s expert therapists in the area of mental health during pregnancy and postpartum periods. She recently served on a panel of experts discussing the importance of recognizing the Mind-Body connection during pregnancy. The panel included members from the medical, midwife, and mental health communities and they provided a comprehensive perspective on this topic.¬†Kendra discussed aspects of mental health as it relates to pregnancy/postpartum periods and the importance of pursuing a healthy balance for optimal mental well-being. Watch the full video below!



Kendra is passionate about her work helping individuals, couples, and families to heal and rebuild after major losses and traumatic events. Many clients often tell her that they appreciate how warm and approachable she is, and how knowledgeable she is about ways to treat the effects of disconnection, loss, and trauma. Many people seek Kendra out when they have tried therapy before and feel as though nothing has worked - her approach can benefit those who have not been helped by other forms of treatment. She works to identify the root cause instead of trying to treat the symptoms. Kendra excels at helping her clients to achieve healing that they didn't know was possible by blending well-researched approaches to treatment with her gentle and compassionate demeanor. Kendra believes in the connection between our minds and our bodies. She helps her clients to achieve peace and healing by utilizing mindfulness techniques and helping them to address the ways that they hold stress and tension in their bodies, especially after a traumatic event or a major physical transformation such as the birth of a child. Her clients learn how to listen to their bodies and their emotions so that they can sustain the positive changes brought on by therapy.