Making Self Care a Lifestyle: Grounding Tree Exercise

This series offers a collection of diverse and effective coping techniques that can reduce stress, improve mental and emotional well-being, and perhaps make you even more effective in achieving your individual goals. Check back every Monday morning for the newest skill of the week.

Lies vanBekkum“Grounding tree is beautiful way to recenter and connect. This allows us to step back into our life recharged, focused, and grounded.”
Dr. Lies van Bekkum

Begin deep breathing while in a calm place. As you breath, create a picture in your head of a strong old tree. Imagine stepping into this tree, where you arms become the branches, your body is the trunk, and your legs and feet become the roots. Picture yourself in this tree and feel the strength and support of this tree. Shift your attention to your breath. Breathing in strength from sky through the branches. Picture yourself stepping out of the tree, feeling calm, connected, and grounded.

You can use this visualization skill any time you like and if it feels good, you can stand up to do this exercise. This is also great to do outside next to a large tree. Check back next Monday to learn a new relaxation technique. 



Lies van Bekkum

Dr. Lies van Bekkum provides her clients with a wonderful balance of warmth and straightforwardness as a therapist at The Catalyst Center. She is passionate about her work with mothers and their partners during pregnancy and postpartum, and with her upbringing in the Netherlands, she brings a refreshinginternational perspective on birth and parenthood. She completed her doctoral research comparing the experiences of fathers during the birth of their children in home births, birth center births, and hospital births, and is passionate about working with new mothers and their partners as they explore their new roles as parents. Lies specializes in helping people to grow their existing strengths and develop new ways of living more flexibly and more joyfully. She has a wonderful sense of humor that is balanced with her knowledge of what helps people become unstuck from Depression, Anxiety and other challenges. She is firm and direct when needed and also expressive of her genuine caring for the people with whom she works. In her work with couples she uses an approach called Emotion Focused Therapy that helps people to get to the heart of the matter in their relationships. She is skilled at bringing couples beyond their anger and resentment. She gets them back in touch with what drew them together in the first place and helps them develop a deeper understanding themselves as individuals and embrace the ways they can help each other grow and live a life filled with love. Lies is passionate about working with people around issues of complex identities. She excels at exploring issues of race, ethnicity, nationality, language, gender expression, sexual orientation, and other complex identities and intersections between many identities.