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“Therapy offers a unique opportunity to explore things in your life that you may not get a chance to explore elsewhere and work through challenges you are facing.There is a safety we build together that allows you to look deeply at yourself. I enjoy exploring your family of origin and attachment, understanding the different identities you hold and how those intersect. I’m interested in understanding who you are in context. 

In my work with couples I think that you two are often the most powerful agents of change. While I may offer a unique space for you to challenge yourselves to look at your relationship in a new way, you then take what we’ve worked on outside and work on it in your relationship. You get to hold each other accountable.

Therapy is a non-judgmental space where we are working together with whatever you bring in, whatever you bring in isn’t good or bad, it just is and we will work with that.

If you  are ready to focus on understanding yourself first then move into looking at ways to make changes to meet your goals, I may be a great fit for you. I’m not going to dictate who you need to be, we are going to explore that together.”

Dr. Chelsea Towler Campbell

Dr. Chelsea Towler Campbell