Nicole excels in her work with children, parents, and teens. She has an infectious positive attitude and truly loves working with kids and teens. She is warm and easy to talk to, and has deep compassion for the people with whom she works.  Nicole is always ready with a new idea to engage kids, often tailoring activities to a specific child based on his or her favorite things. She makes each child feel special and important.

She is passionate about helping children and teens learn how to manage stress and think clearly even in difficult situations. When we are able to stay calm during a stressful event, we are better able to make thoughtful choices and move forward in a healthy manner. She uses her specialized training in the neurosequential model of therapies to match treatment to your individual child's unique needs based on their brain development and history. Nicole uses talk therapy, directive play therapy, art therapy, behavior management techniques, and neurofeedback to assist children and teens with developing tolerance for distress, improving self regulation and reducing problem behaviors. 

Children love working with Nicole because they can tell she authentically gets them and cares about them. She develops close connections with children and is able to use this trusting relationship to help them make needed changes in their behavior and find ways to be more successful with peers, at home, and at school. 

Parents love working with Nicole because she works closely with you to set collaborative goals, and makes sure that you know what to expect and understand what progress will look like. She balances focusing on what is going on now in your family with keeping an eye on your big picture goals.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by a big goal, especially when frustrations have built up over a long period of time. Nicole helps your family see the path forward by tracking incremental progress, giving your concrete ideas to use at home, and helping you understand how you can impact the process of change. 

Nicole Schryver's Training and Experience

Dr. Lies van Bekkum Training and Experience