Hear From Nicole

Hear From Nicole

I want parents of kids who are struggling to know that I get it- I understand how hard it can be to figure out how to help a kid who isn't responding to "parenting as usual." You are catching it now, reaching out for help, and letting me into your life. I have so much respect for parents who can be strong enough to say "Help, we don't know how to help our kid!"  I will help you with concrete suggestions to use at home and we will work together to get your kid and your family back on track. 

You are giving your child a huge gift by reaching out for help at this time.  You are incredibly important to the process. I need you 100% involved, and value your perspective immensely.  You are the expert on your kid, I need your collaboration to succeed. 

I love working with children, teens, and their parents. Kids love that I incorporate physical activity for part of session to help them transition into therapy, and that I get that kids release their emotions through their body. I make therapy fun and sneak talking about feelings and working on behavior issues into every activity. I love to find what each kid is passionate about and then use that to build our relationship and create individualized activities around what they already like. People who have working with me for a while often joke that I can make anything into a feelings activity!

Kendra's Training and Experience

Nicole Schryver's Training and Experience