“Therapy offers a unique opportunity to explore things in your life that you may not get a chance to explore elsewhere and work through challenges you are facing.There is a safety we build together that allows you to look deeply at yourself. I enjoy exploring your family of origin and attachment, understanding the different identities you hold and how those intersect. I’m interested in understanding who you are in context. 

In my work with couples I think that you two are often the most powerful agents of change. While I may offer a unique space for you to challenge yourselves to look at your relationship in a new way, you then take what we’ve worked on outside and work on it in your relationship. You get to hold each other accountable.

Therapy is a non-judgmental space where we are working together with whatever you bring in, whatever you bring in isn’t good or bad, it just is and we will work with that.

If you  are ready to focus on understanding yourself first then move into looking at ways to make changes to meet your goals, I may be a great fit for you. I’m not going to dictate who you need to be, we are going to explore that together.”

Dr. Chelsea Towler Campbell

Gently Challenging, Warm, Accepting you for who you are

Working with Dr. Chelsea Towler Campbell in therapy or assessment will help you to identify and build on your strengths. She is easy to talk to, and approachable. She wants to hear your story and understand who you are through your unique experiences. You will work together to understand how you have built resiliency and overcome challenges in the past, and where you want to go to become your best self. 

She takes a collaborative stance as a therapist, never dictating to you who she thinks you should be, but rather working closely with you to find your path and discover your next steps. Chelsea comes across as very humble and thoughtful. She brings sharp clinical skills, many years of training, and expertise to her work as a therapist, and yet she doesn’t play into power dynamics or push her agenda on you. She trusts that you have deep wisdom about yourself that you may just need some help to access. She sees her role as a collaborator, someone who will respect who you are and where you have come from and will use her expertise and experience to support you in making the changes you want in your life.

Chelsea knows that the work you are doing on yourself needs to extend outside of the therapy room, She helps you to extend the growth you are experiencing in therapy into your every day life by challenging you to take what you are learning and apply it to your life.

In her work with couples and families, Chelsea helps you to explore how each of your different life stories are combining to make one multi-layered story that you are writing together. She helps you to see how each of your individual dynamics are affecting the whole system and learn how to shift your patterns to create more peaceful, fulfilling relationships. In her work with couples and families, she empowers each member of the family to hold one another accountable. She encourages you each to take what you’ve been working on in therapy and bring it into your relationships to make them that much richer.

Hear from Mitra

I believe people are like acorns. Each one of us has a ton of potential if we are given a nurturing environment. I know that you can get through almost anything with the right kind of support. I also know that we are often our own harshest critic. As a therapist I provide more context to help you understand yourself more fully. Nothing we do happens in isolation, everything is embedded in the situation.  Sometimes you might blame yourself for things that are not your fault. I help you to explore your thoughts, and understand your context. Humans are not perfect, small failures are a natural part of life and of being human...

Dr. Mitra Lebastchi

Empowering you to transform your life

Through working with Mitra in therapy or assessment, people are often surprised by how much improvement they experience. They overcome things they didn’t think they would overcome, and come out of their shells.  Often people feel relieved to find out what they are going through is normal and fixable.

Mitra specializes in long term therapy, where you two work together closely over a period of time to make significant life changes and ensure that they stick. Mitra gets that it takes time to transform your life; building a meaningful relationship with the right therapist is a key part of making that lasting change. Having someone on your side with the expertise you need, who can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals is a huge benefit.

If you are ready to work and ready to be honest about your struggles, even if you’re frustrated and feel stuck, then Mitra would be a great fit for you. She balances a deep respect and acceptance for where you are in this very moment, no matter how tough it is, with a powerful faith in your ability to change and knowledge about how to empower you to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Let’s get to work.

Hear From Kendra

I view the experience of therapy as sacred and feel honored and privileged that my clients allow me into their lives. I love that my job means getting to bear witness to healing and the authentic human experience. I utilize my specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help people to heal from the effects of past and current traumas. I blend my EMDR training with an interpersonal therapeutic style and research-based information. I take a practical skills approach when indicated and combine this with deeper work. A deep understanding of attachment informs all of my work and it is through this lens I calculate how each of my clients can find healing and happiness.

I am passionate about helping individuals, couples, children and families heal from past hurts and grow in new and positive directions. My training in family dynamics as well as trauma, grief, and loss prepares me in working with children and families who have experienced a major life change such as divorce, re-marriage, moving, or the death or sickness of a family member. 

I excel in my work with young children and practice in a hands-on manner that kids can relate to. Through play we explore children's emotions and beliefs about how they are able to be in the world. I provide children with a space to be themselves and have the goodness in them reflected back. 

I excel at helping couples and families to improve their patterns of communication and learn to enjoy each other again. I am eager to take on even very tough couple issues and willing to work with couples who are either trying to reconnect again or couples who are trying to peacefully separate. 

Dr. Courtney Klein

Dr. Klein specializes in working collaboratively with people who are seeking to improve their relationships and their lives. She excels at treating more than just the immediate symptoms, rather addressing the whole person and treating the underlying causes of distress. By using this comprehensive approach she is able to help her clients achieve lasting change rather than just a quick, temporary fix.

Sometimes you need a private place to be yourself where you can freely discuss your life with someone who can offer an outside perspective and help you to make the changes you are seeking. Dr. Klein excels at providing such a place for her clients: somewhere they can feel completely safe and supported in their process of growth.

Dr. Joey Tadie

Dr. Joey Tadie is a talented psychologist with a gift for connecting with people and helping them to transform their lives. It's like he can see who you could be, and helps you get in touch with that part of you and grow into it. Dr. Tadie has a genuine spirit and a deep and abiding faith in our capacity to grow and heal.  

He utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, skill building, insight-oriented talk therapy, and Neurofeedback to help you move past your challenges and get back to living your life to the fullest. His disarming nature is well-balanced by his scholarly side; he is a passionate student of research, theory, and technique with several publications to his name.  People love how he is both down to earth and deeply knowledgable about what works to help you get unstuck and create a meaningful life. 

Dr. Katie Godfrey

Dr. Godfrey excels at building meaningful connections with her clients as they work together in a warm, non-judgmental environment where her clients can experience being deeply cared for as they work together to transform their lives. 

In her over fifteen years of clinical experience her clients have often told her that they value how genuine she is with them, and appreciates how she balances challenging them to grow with supporting them. 

She works with clients on a wide variety of issues, and has specialized training in several areas of expertise including helping her clients heal from trauma with EMDR and treating postpartum depression and anxiety.

Dr. Lies vanBekkum

Dr. Lies van Bekkum provides her clients with a wonderful balance of warmth and straightforwardness as a therapist at The Catalyst Center. She is passionate about her work with mothers and their partners during pregnancy and postpartum, and with her upbringing in the Netherlands, she brings a refreshing international perspective on birth and parenthood. She completed her doctoral research comparing the experiences of fathers during the birth of their children in home births, birth center births, and hospital births, and is passionate about working with new mothers and their partners as they explore their new roles as parents.

Hear What People Are Saying About Kendra

I have known Kendra for 9 years.  When I moved to Denver and was offered the opportunity to work with her, I jumped at the chance!  We have had the chance to work together with several families.  I have been able to witness first-hand how remarkable she is with children and their parents.  She is patient, kind, and fun with the children and as a result they open up with her.  She trusts the path children want to inherently take and parents are awed with the progress their children make under her care.  I love seeing how comfortable families feel with her.
~Dr. Katie Godfrey

Kendra brings a sense of warmth, acceptance, and safety to the therapy room. Her excellent skills and experience combined with her pleasant personality are a rare combination.
~ Dr. Joey Tadie


Thesis: Making Meaning of Turning Point Events and Life Purpose: Implications for Power versus Benevolence
Contributor to the Colorado State University FAIR curriculum website
Various presentations about Partner Abuse and Teen Dating Violence
Family and Diversity Presentation at Colorado State University for Married Student Housing
Provider Guide to Assessing Postpartum Mood Disorders
Postpartum Mood Disorders Decision Tree
Postpartum Mood Disorders Assessment Guide
Understanding Trauma & Transgender Issues (Presented at Gold Rush 2013)

Master's of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies at Colorado State University with a concentration of Marriage and Family Therapy 2009
Certificate in Women's Studies 2007
Specialized Training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

In addition to her private practice experience, she has counseled individuals at Larimer County Community Corrections and at Crossroads Safehouse. 

Hear From Nicole

I want parents of kids who are struggling to know that I get it- I understand how hard it can be to figure out how to help a kid who isn't responding to "parenting as usual." You are catching it now, reaching out for help, and letting me into your life. I have so much respect for parents who can be strong enough to say "Help, we don't know how to help our kid!"  I will help you with concrete suggestions to use at home and we will work together to get your kid and your family back on track. 

You are giving your child a huge gift by reaching out for help at this time.  You are incredibly important to the process. I need you 100% involved, and value your perspective immensely.  You are the expert on your kid, I need your collaboration to succeed. 

I love working with children, teens, and their parents. Kids love that I incorporate physical activity for part of session to help them transition into therapy, and that I get that kids release their emotions through their body. I make therapy fun and sneak talking about feelings and working on behavior issues into every activity. I love to find what each kid is passionate about and then use that to build our relationship and create individualized activities around what they already like. People who have working with me for a while often joke that I can make anything into a feelings activity!


Nicole excels in her work with children, parents, and teens. She has an infectious positive attitude and truly loves working with kids and teens. She is warm and easy to talk to, and has deep compassion for the people with whom she works.  Nicole is always ready with a new idea to engage kids, often tailoring activities to a specific child based on his or her favorite things. She makes each child feel special and important.

She is passionate about helping children and teens learn how to manage stress and think clearly even in difficult situations. When we are able to stay calm during a stressful event, we are better able to make thoughtful choices and move forward in a healthy manner. She uses her specialized training in the neurosequential model of therapies to match treatment to your individual child's unique needs based on their brain development and history. Nicole uses talk therapy, directive play therapy, art therapy, behavior management techniques, and neurofeedback to assist children and teens with developing tolerance for distress, improving self regulation and reducing problem behaviors. 

Hear From Dr. Godfrey

I have a gift for connecting with people who feel no one can connect with them, and helping them heal from past traumas and painful events into a new, vibrant chapter of life. I am passionate about my work with pregnant and postpartum women who are struggling with depression, anxiety, OCD, or negotiating the complex challenges of new motherhood. I have specialized expertise in EMDR and in the treatment and prevention of perinatal mood disorders. I provide ongoing consultation to therapists working with new mothers and those seeking to treat trauma survivors.

In my 10+ years of experience, my clients often tell me they value how genuine I am, how I hold them accountable, and how knowledgeable I am about research-based treatments. My style is a mix of warm, accepting understanding and no-nonsense accountability as I challenge you to change.

I am passionate about working with LGBTQ clients. My clients value having an accepting space for them to explore their identity and relationships and feel comfortable being themselves. I work with teens and adults who are exploring their gender identity and may identify as gender variant, gender queer, or transgender.

  • Master's of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy at Colorado State University in 2005
  • Ph.D. in Educational and Human Resource Studies with a concentration in Couple and Family Therapy at Colorado State University in 2010. 
  • Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies
  • Specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Perinatal Mood Disorders. 

Prior to joining The Catalyst Center, Katie worked at Crossroads Safehouse and operated a private practice in Fort Collins, CO since 2004. 

Hear What Others Are Saying About Dr. Lies van Bekkum

I have had the privileged of collaborating with Lies on many therapy cases over the years and was able to see the depth of her skill and knowledge. She is an extraordinary clinician who can easily work with people from all walks of life. She brings a firm and loving approach to her work as a therapist. Her clients respond well to her and have consistently shown great gains and progress. We are lucky to have her.

~ Kendra Doukas, MS, LMFT