Why We Are "Out-of-Network"

Unfortunately, the advent of managed care has resulted in significant limitations to the kind of care therapists working with third-party payers (aka insurance companies) are able to provide. Most of the Catalyst Center therapists have worked previously in a managed care setting and have decided to focus on providing the highest-quality care to our clients, rather than consent to having our hands tied by managed care companies determining the course of our treatments. 

In addition, many insurance companies require therapists to share detailed information about you, what you are seeking treatment for, and how we are treating the problem in order to approve your treatment. Our clients value working with The Catalyst Center because they value their privacy highly, and prefer not to have bureaucrats reading through their personal information and determining if they should be allowed to continue treatment. 

If you have mental health coverage through your health insurance and would like to use these benefits, we encourage you to call your insurance provider before coming to an initial consultation with one of our therapists. Ask them what your "out-of-network mental health" coverage is (usually a percentage that you will be reimbursed). We provide all of our clients with insurance-ready billing statements that you can use to pursue reimbursement through your out-of-network benefits.

If you would like to work with a therapist who will bill your insurance directly and abide by the insurance company's decisions for how they may work with you, we encourage you to ask your insurance provider for a list of therapists with whom they contract.