divorce therapyCaring for Yourselves and Your Family Through Separation or Divorce

Partnership does not always work out. We understand that not all couples should stay together. Despite popular opinion, separation and divorce do not have to be an awful experience. You can do a great service to yourself and your children (if you have them) by working to make the divorce process as peaceful as possible for everyone. Therapy is a great space to negotiate the new boundaries and rules, process the loss of the relationship, and move forward with your new lives. Many couples who were not able to have a successful marriage can still collaborative successfully in their divorce process.

Co-parenting after Divorce

Usually when children are a part of the divorce process, parents have a lot of questions about how to help their children cope. They usually also have great worries about how this will affect their children. We know that working collaboratively is one of the best things you can do for your children’s long-term well-being. We can help you to successful transition from one to two households.