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Again Again! The Benefits of Repetition for Babies and Toddlers

By Jennifer Kloewer If you have spent any significant time with an infant or toddler, you likely noticed that the child shows a pattern of engaging in repetitive behaviors or play. For example, young children can gravitate toward the same books, games or even make toys/objects interact the exact same way. This repetition may seem […]

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Ask a Therapist: “What is the Difference Between Being Shy and Being Introverted?”

People use the term “shy” all the time to describe those of us who prefer being on our own or in small groups, but they may be missing the point. In this Ask a Therapist article, Dr. Courtney Klein, a psychologist who works with people who are ready to build stronger relationships, explains the difference between being shy and being introverted, and how to celebrate who you are.

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