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Improving Bipolar Awareness

By Courtney Klein, PsyD I have a deep passion for people who manage Bipolar Disorder or moderate to severe mood dysregulation. It is a lifelong journey to manage moods and should be thoughtfully addressed every day. These symptoms, however they look, can be complex, unpredictable, and at times, debilitating.  Conversely, they can be well-managed, helpful […]

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Ask a Therapist: What Can I Do About My Chronic Anxiety?

One of the most common areas of concern I see in my practice is the overwhelming and sometimes debilitating experience of uncontrolled anxiety. I work with many individuals who constantly feel worried, uncertain, self-conscious, and on the edge of panic. Anxiety is tremendously distracting and can even breed feelings of hopelessness and depression when untreated. In our […]

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