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Ask a Therapist: How Could Psychological Assessment Help My Personal Growth?

A Powerful Approach to Assessment Did you know that Collaborative/Therapeutic Psychological Assessment can actually be a brief, intensive, yet highly efficient way to make positive changes in your life? A thorough assessment can help create a deeper understanding of yourself (or your child) and help you develop a clear game plan for how to improve […]

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Ask a Therapist: How Can New Fathers Manage the Exhaustion of Parenting?

Remaining Self-Interested Being a father is exhausting (to put it mildly). Nevertheless, I meet many men who feel a tension to “not be selfish” and thus deny themselves the self-care that is necessary to survive the journey of fatherhood. I like to reframe the concept of “selfishness” to include the alternative possibility of being “self-interested.” […]

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Ask a Therapist: How Can I Promote Healthy Dialogues in My Life Following the Election?

This election season has been stressful for many people no matter what your political views are. The atmosphere feels tense both across the nation and among our individual communities. Promoting healthy, peaceful, and productive dialogue is crucial during a holiday season that could feel quite different given the many emotionally charged factors. Read this article to find out ways to effectively manage feelings and conversations you might experience.

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