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Again Again! The Benefits of Repetition for Babies and Toddlers

By Jennifer Kloewer If you have spent any significant time with an infant or toddler, you likely noticed that the child shows a pattern of engaging in repetitive behaviors or play. For example, young children can gravitate toward the same books, games or even make toys/objects interact the exact same way. This repetition may seem […]

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Care Free Anxiety

Ask a Therapist: What Can I Do About My Chronic Anxiety?

One of the most common areas of concern I see in my practice is the overwhelming and sometimes debilitating experience of uncontrolled anxiety. I work with many individuals who constantly feel worried, uncertain, self-conscious, and on the edge of panic. Anxiety is tremendously distracting and can even breed feelings of hopelessness and depression when untreated. In our […]

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Depression, Bipolar and Mood Disorders

Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Complex Mood and Anxiety Disorders We use a multi-faceted approach to help people who have been struggling with difficult to treat mood and anxiety issues. By utilizing an individualized combination of Individual Therapy, Neurofeedback, and EMDR, we work to manage your current symptoms, and treat the underlying issues that may be contributing to the painful […]

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Meet Our Assessment Team

What is Psychological Assessment Anyway? (Part 1 of weekly series)

At the Catalyst Center we practice Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment, a well-researched, individualized approach to assessment that has been shown to be beneficial to those who participate in it. We use assessment as an opportunity for brief treatment geared towards answering your questions and planning your next steps towards living the life you desire. Check out this weekly series highlighting The Catalyst Center’s approach to assessment and what types of testing we can do for you.

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Mitra Lebastchi

Introducing… Mitra Lebastchi

We are excited to announce the addition of Mitra Lebastchi to The Catalyst Center team. She is a therapist and assessor who brings an empowering, values driven, approach to her work with people who are ready to get to work. If you are looking to bring your life into balance with your values, Mitra may be a great fit for you.

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All About Psychological Assessment

The Catalyst Center wants to help demystify psychological assessment so that you can recognize the potential benefits this could have for you and your loved ones. We are releasing a weekly blog series to help your understand what assessment is, how it can help, and what you can expect from the process. Check back weekly […]

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